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Arabian Nights

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  • Arabian Nights

Oud, for the bold.
This fragrance is exactly what you need, to create a strong, rich, warm and welcoming atmosphere. Featuring top notes of agarwood and vanilla, ensuring this fragrance is full-bodied and highly aromatic.

Size Guide
Medium- 30cl | Burn time- Approximately 35 hours

Large- 50cl. | Burn tkme - Approximately 55 hours

Phalates free

IMPORTANT (Candle Care)

A common tendency of natural & hand poured waxes is minor surface imperfections. Although we handle each product with care, this is a minor sacrifice worth making for a more sustainable wax. It is also important to stress that this does not affect the quality of the product in anyway.

Take care when lighting candles, and be sure to trim the wick slightly prior to lighting. Furthermore, strive to keep the burn cycle to a min of 3-4 hours as this provides an even melt pool.