About Us

Reidient wicks was established in 2020. We are a husband and wife duo based in the heart of Manchester. As a couple, a shopping trip was not complete without a candle in the basket. Our obsession with making our house smell like a home has heavily influenced our decision to create handmade home fragrances, that are eco-friendly and sustainable. Our candles are carefully and wonderfully made using quality raw ingredients.

Our soy wax is vegan friendly,  free from phalates, paraffin   and carefully produced with a natural blend of fragrance oils. Our made to order scented candles, will give your home the finishing touch or make a perfect gift for a loved one.

Although we handle each product with care, they may not always result in an impeccably smooth surface- a minor sacrifice worth making for a more sustainable wax. It is also important to stress that this does not affect the quality of the product in anyway.